Classroom Management Tips

Managing Communications

Timing of Access

How much of your course material should you actually make available to students at one time? Should students have access to all course content? Or will you release content gradually?

Providing access to all content upfront has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making a decision:

Pacing Considerations

Online learning takes more time due to technical reasons such as network congestion and the so-called click time students spend accessing online material. Online courses must be as rigorous as onsite classes, so provide adequate time for students to delve deeply into the material - don’t overwhelm students with materials and tasks with limited payoff.

Managing Student Behavior Online

Noisy Student

Raises issues only tangentially related to the topic, begins new discussion threads unnecessarily, etc.

Quiet Student

Disruptive Student

Takes over discussion, questions the course design, contradicts the instructor, may be abusive, etc.

Teaching Online: A Practical Guide
by Susan Ko and Steve Rossen

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